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Friendly home in the embrace of history and modern architecture that surprises and inspires.

On the Main Square, in the very centre of the city, you will find boutique accommodation at the Hotel Maribor, where tradition and stories from the past are intertwined with carefully selected modern design and authentic local hospitality.

City Apartments
City Apartments

City Apartments

Garden rooms
Hotel Maribor

Garden Rooms



Restravracija Rožmarin

Rosemary is an aromatic Mediterranean plant that excellently combines with the recognizable flavours of Italian, French, Spanish and, last but not least, Slovenian cuisine. With a cautious eye for diversity and cosmopolitan tastes, we are introducing modern gastronomy since 2006. In our Wine Shop, we offer 10,000 bottles and more than 1,000 different labels that are carefully maturing, which go especially well with selected dishes.

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Steakhouse Rožmarin

“MEAT THE BEST!” “Eat and meet the best." 4-week-aged KZ Rače beef, seasoned only with pepper and salt, freshly baked butter loaf and hand-cut homemade french fries are just the basis for creative burgers, which we enrich with ingredients made by local manufacturers. The steak is baked at 800 °C, which preserves the extremely juicy core of the meat. We leave nothing to chance when preparing a dish except the moment of your happiness.

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Steakhouse Rožmarin
La pizzeria Rožmarin
La Pizzeria

La Pizzeria is a place that excites, soothes and promises an experience. Especially culinary experience. It is a piece of Italy in the centre of Maribor. Pizzas are unusually large - 45 cm in diameter and prepared from high-quality ingredients, creatively. The dough for our pizzas is left one day and one night to rise, and the selected wheat flour does not make you have a heavy, bloated feeling in your stomach after consuming the pizza. Our pizzas are cut with scissors, which creates a fun atmosphere and a wish to “share with others”.

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Make your day tasty
Any moment of the day is apt to get lost in our small world. Intimate atmosphere, selected pieces of furniture with patina create an ancient elegance in a modern urban way and become the scenery to create your own tasty story.

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Gostilna Maribor

Gift voucher

Gift voucher for a wonderful experience! Buying a gift voucher can be a positive message, an inspiration and a wonderful surprise.

* Gift voucher can be used in all units of Rožmarin Hospitality Group (RESTAVRACIJA ROŽMARIN, LA PIZZERIA,
STEAKHOUSE ROŽMARIN, POPER, HOTEL MARIBOR (accommodation and sauna) and at the SHOP (purchase of olive
and pumpkin oil, premium wines, champagne, cognac, rum, cured meat, glasses and much more!)


Meetings & Events

Poslovni dogodki

Corporate events

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Privatni dogotki

Private Events

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About us

We are a development and sustainability-oriented company with a 15-year tradition, which brings trends and services at the highest level of quality through various gastronomic, accommodation and cultural contents.

With the renovation of old decaying buildings, we have revived many architectural treasures in the city centre, to which we have given new life with revitalization and thoughtful contents.


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