25.11.2022 - 31.12.2022

Rožmarin Hospitality Group Rožmarin Hospitality Group

Be with us in December!
Let's toast to love, friendship, success, health and life.

3. 12. I LOVE 80'S - X-MAS SPECIAL (10:00 p.m.) For the last time this year, spin to the rhythm of the 80's from 10 p.m. onwards!

17. 12. CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH (10:00) We married 5 exclusive champagnes with refined culinary creations!

17. 12. TABU - TRADITIONAL PRE-CHRISTMAS CONCERT (10:00 p.m.) The Vinoteka will once again be bursting at the seams with the energetic music of TABU.

24. 12. PRE-CHRISTMAS WARMUP (10:00) Morning warm-up WITH BUBBLES before CHRISTMAS!

31. 12. NEW YEAR'S EVE WARMUP (10:00) The morning warm-up before the NEW YEAR is crucial to maintaining perfect condition during the coming year!

31. 12. NEW YEAR'S EVE IN ROŽMARIN (19:00 and 22:00) Culinary indulgence with a 6-course menu in the Rožmarin Restaurant or dancing in the Rožmarin Steakhouse with DJ TIMO G.


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and pumpkin oil, premium wines, champagne, cognac, rum, cured meat, glasses and much more!)

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About us

We are a development and sustainability-oriented company with a 15-year tradition, which brings trends and services at the highest level of quality through various gastronomic, accommodation and cultural contents.

With the renovation of old decaying buildings, we have revived many architectural treasures in the city centre, to which we have given new life with revitalization and thoughtful contents.


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